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Harley Johnstone

43-year-old Harley Johnstone aka "Durianrider" has used and continues to use YouTube and social media to find very young women to sexually assault and exploit.

In October, 2015, he raped New Zealander Hannah, and then launched a vicious campaign on social media to try to destroy her reputation. In June of 2016, Johnstone sexually assaulted an 18-year-old woman name Josi, and has since tried to destroy her reputation as well. Several other women have come forward to say that they were sexually assaulted by Johnstone, after being drawn to meet vegans living in Thailand, based in part on Johnstone's YouTube videos.


Johnstone pretends to be an "expert" on veganism, health, bicycling, and weight loss. He's not, but he uses this to try to get attention and admiration, and to create opportunities to force himself sexually on young trusting vulnerable girls. The sexual proclivities of the 43-year-old Johnstone lead him to focus on teenage girls, one as young as age 15.

Johnstone is banned from appearing at any major reputable vegan events. He sometimes holds meet-up events, based in Thailand or Australia. These events provide Johnstone with narcissistic supply (attention), as well as attracting new targets for sexual exploitation.

In addition, Johnstone earns money promoting eBooks he "writes" - but which in fact are heavily plagiarized word for word from the work of leading vegan medical doctors and experts, like McDougall and Esselstyn.

Johnstone also purchases "likes" and "dislikes" through bot services located in small third world countries, which he then directs those "likes" and "dislikes" to be put on videos on YouTube. He uses these bot services to successfully get accounts exposing him suspended (YouTube prohibits use of these bots). Buying likes or dislikes is also Johnstone's attempt to create fake "public opinion" that supposedly many in the community "like" a particular video he made, or "dislike" videos made by someone else which expose him.

Court Rules Johnstone a Liar

At least one court in Australia has formally found Johnstone to be a complete liar. In this recent case, Johnstone claimed he had been violently assaulted by a man named Anthony Colpo - a man whom Johnstone had previously defamed, smeared and harassed on the internet over many years.

In fact, Johnstone's ex-girlfriend has stated publicly that Johnstone admitted to her and others that Colpo had not assaulted Johnstone, that it never actually took place and Johnstone admitted to them he made it all up. Nevertheless Johnstone pressed false charges with the police against Colpo, who was arrested.

Johnstone's testimony at Colpo’s trial was so transparently false and fraudulent that the court dismissed Johnstone’s phony case against Colpo outright. The judge concluded that Johnstone was such an obvious and apparent liar, it would not even be necessary for Colpo to mount any defense whatsoever. Here is an excerpt of the Judge’s findings on Johnstone:

You can read the full order by the judge - and detailed reasons the judge
concluded that Johnstone is not to be believed - here:


Johnstone operates hundreds of fake accounts and fake identities on social media. He produces attack videos and slanderous blog entries using his fake accounts. He plays countless characters in Comments sections in order to attack, defame and abuse others, and to try to defend himself. He writes to people playing characters to try to smear others.

When you see a character defending Johnstone, or attacking a critic of the Johnstone, or defending Johnstone's ridiculous "diet program" (called "Raw Till 4") - it is most likely Johnstone himself playing that character. ("Raw Till 4" is a diet program created together by Johnstone and his former girlfriend, "Freelee Banana Girl." It borrows heavily from the work of John McDougall MD, with a lot of pseudo-science and nonsense theories thrown in by Johnstone and Freelee - who have no formal education or degrees of any kind. No credible experts endorse "Raw Till 4.")

At the bottom of this page is a list of some of Johnstone's fake troll identities.


These videos are all publicly available on YouTube,
despite Johnstone's repeated attempts to remove them.



This first video linked below is 3 hours and 15 minutes in length and provides extensive detail about two sexual assaults which took place in 2015. The victims describe the events, and describe Johnstone's many threats, intimidation and smears to try to silence each of them afterward, as well as detailing victim reports to police and attempts to seek justice. Johnstone prides himself on evading the law, leaving a country immediately after raping a young girl, or leaving a country when someone sues him in that country - as has happened several times.

Although this is Episode Five of the The Unmasking series, we recommend it as starting place:



This is the first episode of THE UNMASKING in which multiple psychiatric experts describe Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and then Johnstone is shown exhibiting all these traits:


In this episode I expose how the narcissist, Harley Johnstone, damaged a cancer patient's fundraiser by falsely accusing her of being a scam artist. Jennifer Faulisi had stage 4 breast cancer and desperately needed treatment as soon as possible. She asked the vegan YouTube community for financial assistance and initially received a lot of support, which caused narcissistic injury to Johnstone.

You see, as was covered Part 1 (above), Johnstone is preoccupied with a fantasy that he created the online vegan YouTube community, and that he possesses some kind of ownership over it. In his mind nobody is allowed to ask for money in "his" community without going through him first. He launched a smear campaign against Jennifer and, unfortunately the donations dried up. She could no longer afford her treatment, and the progress she had made quickly deteriorated. She passed away soon after leaving the treatment center:

Part 3 - THE Projections 

Here's the third installment of THE UNMASKING, the series that got me banned from YouTube. In this episode I disclose how Harley Johnstone aka Durianrider projects his own behavior and actions onto others. For many years he has gone above and beyond to "expose" sexual predators in order to "protect" what he describes as young vulnerable women in the vegan community. But as revealed in this episode, he himself is the sexual predator who targets young women:


At this point I had caused the narcissist, Harley Johnstone, so much narcissistic injury that in his rage, he uploaded random sexually graphic images to various webpages, including a porn site, and tagged my girlfriend's name in it. This is how low Johnstone is willing to go to get back at those who stand up against him.

The episode begins with exposing these vile actions while explaining the psychology behind narcissistic injury and narcissistic rage:


Johnstone victimizes far and wide, projecting his own thoughts and crimes onto others when smearing them:

The Narc Judging Others

Johnstone the narcisscist knows a great deal about exactly how sexual predators think. Why does he understand so well the mind of a rapist? Because of course he's talking about himself.


The narc did everything he could to get this video down from my channel, but he couldn't. Not until he bought thousands of dislikes for my videos, using automated bots, until my whole channel was suspended for "spam practices.”

​As young as this girl looks in this video, she was even younger when she was assaulted by Johnstone - just 18, back in 2016. Johnstone goes after girls who look like they are in high school - this girl could have still been in high school, when the 43-year-old Johnstone targeted her.


Johnstone and his 20-year-old girlfriends steal other people's books and articles, simply copying and pasting entire sections, repackaging other people's work and selling it as their own eBooks. In this way, Johnstone robs major authors and experts like Tony Robbins and John McDougall MD.


Another YouTuber, Freelee Banana Girl whose real name is Leanne Ratcliffe, was Johnstone's longtime girlfriend including at the time most of the sexual abuses detailed on this page took place. Freelee relates what she witnessed, expressing contempt for Johnstone's deceit and his targeting of very young girls to manipulate and abuse:


YouTube gives users the ability to create multiple accounts to manufacture an army of fake trolls - which Johnstone has done. Johnstone has long been known to use lots of characters to harass, insult, bully, stalk and slander - his stock in trade. ​​


Below is just a small number of the many troll identities Durianrider has used on social media. These include some Directed Accounts - which are directed by Durianrider. These trolls are used to try to shift the narrative away from the rapist and his actions, and to attack and insult Durianrider's victims.

Check back as this list is updated regularly. Durianrider literally has hundreds of fake identities - and if you see comments from one of these characters on YouTube, know that it is most likely Durianrider or one of his allies ("flying monkeys") working to protect him.

Here are some of his troll characters you may see posting in Comments sections:

Paul Zeus
Healthy Fatima
Special Bean
Daniel Hobgen
Lingering Light
Julie Hobbs
Neal DoubleAA
Big Ring
Steven Steve Steven
Yashua bar Yosef
Dang Mang
Roark Rasmussen
Neal DoubleAA
Martin Wright
Oh Heyy
Loko Simmonns
Joe Cabrera
Jack Black
Chantelle Robin
Plantbased Paul
Producer Kris
Morality Mentality
Marc Gerber
Troy Vietnam
True Justice
Tim Gersh
Brian Baldino
Young Dial
Rons double ds
Alex Rimeisis
Wallace Michael


Here is a partial list of other YouTubers who are associated with the rapist, are known to defend him, and/or attack and join in the smears of his victims, or otherwise support and promote him:

Foot Soldier
That Vegan Couple
Get Fit with Natasha
Get Slim with Tori
Ness Scott
Mr & Mrs Vegan
Vegan Revolution
Ghost Vegan
Wayne Softy P
New Thunder
Jane Goodnut
Sugar made me lean
Julian Johnstone (Durianrider's brother)
Freelee the Banana Girl

Please contact us to keep these lists up to date of troll names and associates who defend the rapist, and smear his victims. If a troll, please provide what the troll said. If an associate who is making videos to defend the rapist, please link to the video. Thank you.

TO contact us, email:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder


The purpose of this website is to provide documented information about Johnstone, who appears to be a violent psychopath suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) - a mental condition in which a person has:

  • an inflated sense of their own importance
  • a deep need for excessive attention and admiration
  • troubled relationships
  • a lack of empathy for others


Johnstone also exhibits sadism, enjoying inflicting pain without pity; he is manipulative and attempts to influence the behavior or emotions of others for his own purposes; and he uses projection - defending himself by denying the existence of his criminal and abusive qualities, while attributing his own negative qualities to others.


As a covert narcissist, Johnstone is exploitative of others, doing whatever it takes for him to feel special, regardless of the cost to those around him. He acts with entitlement, as if the world owes him and should bend to him. He has no empathy for others, but is so fixated on his need to feel special that other people's feelings don't matter in any way.
Johnstone exploits others and is extremely abusive. He lives to smear others, inventing malicious lies, taking something true and twisting it into something wildly exaggerated and untrue, in order to smear his victims. He is also very calculating about hiding his abusive side from others. He works hard to conceal his exploitive, explosive and violent nature, presenting himself publicly as friendly, helpful, "normal."