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Durianrider uses YouTube to attract young women, to get them to believe he is decent, to trust him - and to lure them to Thailand. As shown in The Unmasking series, to this point YouTube has only protected the rapist by removing videos from his victims which document his sexual abuse. The rapist reports such videos as "bullying" and YouTube has removed several including an entire channel, based on bogus complaints and bot attacks by Johnstone.

Unfortunately, YouTube refuses to do the right thing and terminate the rapist's channels, so it's up to the community to try to protect innocent unsuspecting women.

The solution is to inform advertisers on Johnstone's channels that they are supporting a rapist, and to ask that the company inform YouTube they do not want their ads on the channel of a rapist.

Step One: Take screenshots of ads you see on Durianrider's YouTube account.

For example, here is a screenshot of an ad which ran on Durianrider's channel from the company FitBit:


Take your own screenshot like the one above of any ads running before videos on Durianrider's channel.

Step Two: Contact the advertiser directly. In the case of FitBit ad above, for example, the advertiser's contact page is here:

Send a copy of your screenshot to each of the email addresses on that page. 

Send them a link to this website for more information:


In a polite reasonable way, ask why FitBit (or whatever advertiser) is partnering with and giving money to a known rapist with many victims on YouTube? Why are they supporting a 43-year-old man who is damaging teenage girls and young women, and using money from their company to victimize more women? 

Do the same for ALL ADVERTISERS whose ads appear on the rapist's YouTube channels.

This is the only way to get the attention of YouTube and Google.

We can also start a list of companies who are paying the rapist, and potentially organize a boycott of these companies who thus are supporting rape.

To this point, YouTube will take no action against the rapist - other than to defend him. If Harvey Weinstein were using YouTube to get victims to sexually attack, YouTube would probably remove the complaints of the rape victims and protect Weinstein, just as they are protecting Johnstone and shutting down the women accusing him.

It is going to take the community on YouTube itself to go directly to the companies who support and pay the rapist, and apply pressure, educate them to who Johnstone really is, and insist that they stop paying money to a known rapist in our midst.

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